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Ernst Eng

Ernst Eng

Vision bearer and author
Agape-Workshops, secretariat
and main co-ordinator


Our Vision

Achieve together an aim!

We want that Christians get to know the Agape-heart position by the Agape-Workshop, and that this Agape love pulls circles and by moving the learnt to a groundbreaking light and cleaning salt for people by her life will point, and they thus in her surroundings by the fruits becoming obviously to God and the redemption-work of Jesus Christ.

Tabea Eng
Tabea Eng

Co-author Agape-
Workshop, finance
and project coordination


Seminaries / Conferences

If you liked to carry out a seminar or a conference on the subject "Agape love" in your church / municipality or together with several churches / municipalities, announces you at this email address: info@agape-workshop.net

Svitlana Pavelko
Svitlana Pavelko

Translator of the Agape-Workshops in Russian, co-ordinator for them
to Russian-speaking countries.

Jürg Möckli Webmaster

Jürg Möckli

Webmaster and Webdesigner