Agape-Workshop -

an Exciting Journey of Discovery Through your Heart


Do you want to start an insightful and revealing journey through your heart?

Would you like to discover all those precious facets of your heart’s-demeanour?

The Agape-Workshop is a valuable and efficient tool for this edifying process!

Accept the challenge and make use of this fruit bearing opportunity. It will change and increase the quality of your life.

My Love Reaches Out!

This workshop will increase God’s love reaching out through you. You and people around you will be lastingly changed.

God wants to immerse his children into the Agape-Love, so that they become salt and light to this world.

In 2009 God planted a seed and within 3 1/2 years it developed into the Agape-Workshop. It should flow through many people’s hearts like a cleaning and changing wave.

Do you want to be changed by God and his Agape-Love? Do you want to experience that you become a blessing for other people? Is it your desire to hear God’s voice more easily and to do his will in your daily life?

A click on the heart and you can start this blessed journey. It is a free gift to you. Use it to invest in your life, your future and your being a Christian!

Discover and enjoy a deepening relationship with God, whilst browsing through the diverse topics.


Bibel und Gnade aus der Liebe Gottes Workshop